Doorway to Sun

Doorway to Sun consists of two sculptural interventions in the landscape, located in two strategic points within important natural territories of the Valencian community, declared Natural Park and in protection. These interventions were developed and materialized in the context of two artistic residencies held in Spain, the first residence was in the Natural Park of Peñagolosa, in Vistabella del Maestrazgo, Castellón and the second residence was in Altea, Alicante, where the Morro de Toix in Sierra de Bernia is.

Doorway to Sun are two sculptures in the wayof solar observatories that allow us to see, through a frame, the sun at two precise moments of the year: at sunset during the summer solstice and at sunrise during the autumn equinox. These dates correspond to the longest day of the year and the day when the day and the night last exactly the same, in this part of the Northern Hemisphere.

In both cases, at the time of dawn and dusk, an alignment is made between the Sun, the wall, the observer and the main mountain of the place. On the one hand, at the summer solstice we align ourselves with the Peak of Peñagolosa and on the other hand, at the autumn equinox we align ourselves with the Puig Campana.

The basic idea is to perform a ritual act seeking to recover an ancestral ritual performed by different cultures of the world throughout history, which maintained a close and respectful relationship with the sun and their own conception of Nature.