Milagros Arias Secada (Perú, 1984)

Artist from the Fine Arts and Design School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, where she has been taught for six consecutive years. She has also taught workshops and subjects in different institutions such as the National Superior Autonomous School of Fine Arts of Peru.

Her sculptural work is made with natural materials that she gathers from walks, looking for communication with the inhabitants of the communities of those places, from whom she learns the traditional techniques and the symbolic relationship that they give to Nature. Predominately woven works with vegetal fibers, stones, wood, beeswax and craft paper, as well as interventions in the natural landscape. Drawing is paramount in her creative process and forms an essential part of her projects; recently she has begun to investigate new digital media, without neglecting her topics of interest: landscape and nature.

Her research in the artistic field shows great interest in rescuing traditional artistic techniques from pre-Columbian Peruvian cultures, which is reflected both in her work and in workshops held in the Amazon, with which she seeks to engage in a technical, artistic and cultural exchange among the participants. She seeks to maintain a close relationship with urban and natural landscapes, consecuently, she has participated in collaborative projects such as the Memory Sanctuary La Hoyada with SHICRAS Architects and is part of the Interdisciplinary Research Group EMPLAZAR: Space + Art + Public. She has participated in different group exhibitions and had her first solo exhibition in 2015. She has been chosen to participate in artistic residencies in Spain and Italy, keeping in line with her artistic proposals in relation to the natural landscape. In 2018, she graduated with a Master's Degree in Artistic Production from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Majoring in Public Art with a focus on Contemporary Thought and Landscape and Nature.