Memories of a landscape

- travels between dreams and other realities -

From the experience of traveling through natural landscapes, memories are created and manifested in dreams. Some are very real, others quite ephemeral. Materializing these memories is essential to re-live the spaces and emotions that arise in us from those experiences, but above all it is essential to not forget those new and simple imagined landscapes. Sometimes, we confuse the memories of reality, with the reality of dreams.

 The imperceptible of the images comes to life with the flashes of light, that evidence the shadows; the shadows that show us the volumes of the landscape. We can not reduce the aesthetic experience of the landscape to a simple contemplation, because it would be ungrateful to deny the emotional gratitude that our body, mind and soul experience, by what the landscape makes us feel from what it allows us to observe in it.

 A conscious alignment is built between all our senses.